Smarter Application Services

Observis creates geographic information-based applications that smarten up organizations.

Adaptable service Situational awareness Geographic information Targeted visibility Real-time information Technological know-how
Adaptable service
As our customer, you pay for what you need. Our applications are delivered as services, not licenses. This way, our platform expands along with your service needs.
Situational awareness
Our services collect, analyze and visualize data. Refined information indicates the internal and external status of an organization’s operations, supports decision-making and facilitates monitoring.
Geographic information
Information coupled with location creates situational awareness and enhances decision-making. Through our map-based services, you can follow and monitor for example measurement data, people and vehicles.
Targeted visibility
Genuinely likeable apps provide better service experiences and reach a bigger audience. Through our services, communicating with target groups is fast and interactive.
Real-time information
Our services collect and combine data from different sources. Data can be produced by for example users, other information systems or sensors. Visualized information is available real-time on your smartphone, tablet or computer
Technological know-how
We want to respond to our customers’ needs by exceeding them. Our services are designed and built using agile methodologies. The technologies we mainly use are Java, Liferay, Geoserver, PostgreSQL, GWT and PhoneGap.