With Hackathon towards sustainable transportation in Hyvinkää


The city of Hyvinkää, together with Observis Oy, is organizing a sustainable transportation Hackathon competition at the Hyvinkää Spa Hotel Sveitsi in November 22. – 23. 2017.

Companies and enthusiastic individuals are welcome to participate in Hackathon. The aim of the competition is to brainstorm, process and implement innovative solutions to promote the sustainable transportation of Hyvinkää city and its largest residential and work areas.

In the competition there are several experts in order to help participants solve challenges.  Participants have access to partners’ relevant data and links to open data. The best innovations are rewarded. The total value of prizes is currently over € 8,000.


City of Hyvinkää, Kimmo Kiuru,  phone +358 40 7547 110,  kimmo.kiuru@hyvinkaa.fi

IndustrialHackathon concept:

Observis Oy, Heikki Isotalus, phone +358 50 430 4963, heikki.isotalus@observis.fi

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