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Youth guarantee project aims to help young people gain access to education and employment. As a part of the youth guarantee, there was a call for an event, which would genuinely activate target groups towards the objectives of the project.

Solution > Digital City Adventure


In September 2013, a week-long adventure took place in Mikkeli, Finland. Digital City Adventure consisted of free events, concerts and an interactive web- and mobile game. The city center was transformed into an interactive game board, where players were navigating with the help of the web- and mobile based application. The game conveyed information about the city, got companies and job hunters to interact with each other and provided an insights to entrepreneurship.

The adventure was carried out collaboratively with media, local companies and the public sector. The adventure was coordinated and acquired by the innovation and technology center of Mikkeli, Miktech Oy.

Observis created the game in collaboration with OiOi Collective Oy. Oioi designed the concept, game mechanics, user interfaces and the visuals of the game. The game was built on top of Observis’ platform.

Both the event and the game reached an extensive number of youth and local organizations. The event was extraordinary combining digitality with concrete issues, and thereby successfully activating its target groups. Digital City Adventure also enjoyed nation-wide acknowledgement and media attention.