• Exquisite mobile app

  • Interactive map

  • Visualized information about festival guest activity

  • Responsive communication and marketing channel


Festivals provide a variety of services, but information about the happenings in the area is scattered. Paper guides can’t be updated continuously, and the festival organizer can’t reach guests and personnel in real time.

Solution > Jurassic App


All the services and happenings in the area are collected in Jurassic App. Users can find themselves, tent locations, friends, food stands and festival buses on an interactive map. Gig calendar reminds festival guests about upcoming gigs and potential schedule changes. Festival organizer can send targeted messages to the festival audience and staff. The marketing channel of the application creates a new revenue flow for the festival. Furthermore, Profest Oy gets useful reports from user data, which allows for the festival to be developed according to guests’ needs.

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