• Exquisite mobile app

  • Informative and entertaining footage


Tommi Mäkinen Racing has a strong brand and a competent concept, which was calling for a modern, interactive dimension as a quest to raise visibility.

Solution > Tommi Mäkinen Racing Online


Tommi Mäkinen Racing Online was made in collaboration with Haaja & Arwo Design Oy. The application was a part of the Champ is Back campaign lead by Haaja. TMR Online quickly found its way to rally fans’ devices and media headlines. The app allows its users to get involved with rallying deeper than ever before through extraordinary footage. The videos take rally fans on-board with the four-time World Rally Champion’s driving stages including e.g. Ouninpohja, Killer and Surkee. The clips are overlaid with Mäkinen’s driving tips, information on speed and gears as well as co-driver Kaj Lindström’s notes.

The application is available on iOS and Android tablets as well as smartphones.

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